" Die kleine familiäre CrossFit Box für München "

Learn the moves


Full body exercise when you lower your body that you can (almost) sit on your heels. Stand shoulder-width with a straight back (1), when going down and bending knees, spread them a bit to the outer sides (2), keep your butt back and your weight on the heels (3) go up to the starting position (4).

Box Jumps Over

Exercise where you have to jump onto and down from an elevated platform with both feet as fast as possible.


Full body exercise when from a standing position you drop into a squat position and place your hands on the ground (1), kick your legs backwards (2), lower your chest to the floor (do a push-up) (3), return to a squat position with your hands on the ground (4), jump up from the squat position and clap your hands above (5).

Double unders

Exercise done on a jump rope when rope passes twice per jump (instead of one).


Rowing on C2 machine uses almost every major muscle group in your body, elevates your heart rate, develops strength and endurance. Good for warm ups.

Sit up

Exercise when using an AbMat you lay down on the ground and sit up using your abdominal muscles. Sit down on the ground, put your feet together and place your legs to the sides (1), put an AbMat on the ground behind the bottom (2), lay down (your back fully touches the ground) and put your arms overhead on the ground (3), sit up and touch the ground in front of your feet (4).

Wall ball

Compound exercise of front squat and a push press using a medicine ball. Grab the ball,hold it towards your face and dip into squat position (1), explosively throw the ball using your hip extension to the target above (2), return to start position (3).


Exercise when you step forward with one foot (1), bend both of the knees until the back knee touches the ground (2). Both knees have to be bent in 90 degrees angle.

Back Squat

Squat with a barbell on your back. See definition of squat.


Compound exercise of deadlift, transition of the bar onto the shoulders and front squat. See definition of deadlift and front squat. Begin with deadlift exercise (1), at the top of the deadlift, when the bar goes up near the hips, perform a powerful shrug and a jump (2), bend your arms, go underneath the bar while doing a front squat (3), go up (4), put the bar on the ground (5).


Full body exercise when you lift the barbell from the floor until the hips. Prepare the barbell – put some weights on it (1), stand a bit wider than shoulder width, bend your knees while keeping your back straight, lean a bit forward (2), lift the barbell until you fully straighten your back and stand up (3).

Front squat

Squat when holding a barbell with overhand grip. See definition of squat.

Push jerk

Exercise when making the push press (1) you jump into a squat or a split (go under the bar) (2), and straightern your legs (3). See definition of push press.

Kettlebell swing

Exercise when you swing a kettlebell through your legs and up to your head using your hip extension. Grab a kettlebell with your both hands and hold it between your legs (1), stand shoulder width with your knees slightly bent, move your butt back and keep your back straight (2), swing the kettle above your head using your full hip extension (3), let the kettlebell swing back down and let it hit your butt (4).

Overhead squat

Squat holding a barbell overhead with straight arms.

Push press

Exercise when using hip extension you push the barbell overhead. Grab a barbell using overhand grip with hands a bit wider than your shoulders (1), dip into a quarter squat position (2), explosively lift bar up overhead using full hip power (3).


Exercise when you explosively lift the barbell from the ground to overhead in one movement.


Compound exercise of front squat and push press. Grab a bar using overhand grip, stand shoulder width (1), do a front squat (2), use full hip extension when pushing the bar up (3), go back to front squat starting position (4).

Ring Dip

Exercise performed on gymnastic rings when having a full control of your body you dip down and push yourself up. Shoulder must dip below the top of the elbow at the bottom of the dip (90 degrees)

L-Sit on Parallettes

To perform the L-sit on parallettes, sit between the bars, then grasp them with your palms facing down. Push your torso up and lift your legs in front of you so they’re parallel with the floor. Hold the position as long as possible.


Upper body exercise when hanging from the rings you do a pull-up and then go to a dip. Grip the rings and hang freely (1), do a pull up and transfer your weight above the rings (2), press yourself up (3), dip back down returning to the start position (4).

Pistol squat

One-legged squat. See definition of squat.


Exercise while hanging on a pull-up bar (1), you raise yourself until the chin is above the bar (2) and then lowering yourself with a control of your body (3). A pull-up band can be used for begginers.

Kipping pull-up

Type of pull-up, when raising your chin above the bar you use a combined movement of hip extension, kick and arm pull. The move allows you to do more pull-ups in a row and at a faster pace, also it uses a lot more muscles than a strict pull-up.


Exercise when you push yourself from the ground. Lie down on the ground, place your hands on the floor above your shoulders with your arms straight, make a straight line from your head to the heels and curl your toes upward (1), go down using your arms almost placing your chest on the ground (2), push yourself up to the first position (3)

Ring Row

Reverse push-up performed on gymnastic rings. While standing, grab the rings (1), lay down with your arms and body straight (2), and pull yourself up (3).

Rope Climb

Full body exercise when you climb the rope, touch the ceiling and get back down. Wrap one leg around the rope (1), step on another foot on top of both rope and foot (2), reach as high as possible with your arms (3), pull yourself up while releasing the rope from your feet and quickly wrap the rope on the highter spot of the rope (4), when going down place hand over hand and loosen the grip of your feet (5).

Toes to Bar

Exercise when hanging on the pull-up bar (1), you lift your toes to the bar (2), and lower them under control without swinging (3).

Atlas stone to shoulder

Axle clean

Farmers walk

Keg clean and press

Log clean and press

Tire flip

Viper press

Yoke carry