Your Best Friend– Thrusters

 Many of you might be afraid of the title of this article; however the reality is that the thrusters are one of the top movements in CrossFit. Thrusters include full body movement that actually forces you to develop a lot of power and requires great mobility. The heavier it goes, the better it is for your health. The thruster is something that is the most important part of CrossFit and if you are planning to get an improvement in your CrossFit performance, you must get comfortable with thrusters. Unfortunately, many people struggle with the potent thruster. We are here to help you fixing the same. Our motive is to see smiles and excitement on the faces of people when they hear the word “thruster”. Below are the top five tips that would help making your thruster fast and efficient.

  1. Always Stay Back. I have seen people execute thrusters and lose their balance only because they stay too forward. You will have to stay back on your heels and should keep the bar close. The total weight of the bar must be over your middle foot and not on your toes. As soon as you start with the thrusters, think about sitting back and making your chest up; this will automatically keep the bar in good position.
  2. Working on Your Rack Position. In case you are lacking mobility in your upper back or shoulders, then the rack is going to be the most challenging thing for you. You will need a pseudo rack position while finishing up a thruster. The rack position is actually hybrid of press and a front squat. With the pseudo rack position, the bar must sit high on the shoulders and if there is allowance of mobility then hold on top of the bar during the thruster. If you wish to work on the rack position, then check out this video

Front Rack Position

  1. Punching The Bar Up:Thruster is something that needs you to be aggressive. While driving up, punch the bar towards the ceiling. Drive your knees out and push up forcefully to weigh up, to generate momentum and to get the bar overhead.
  2. Pulling The Bar Down: You should not only be aggressive while punching the bar up, but should also be equally aggressive while coming down. Pull the bar down actively up to your shoulders, and allow the weight of the bar take you down into your squat. This will further help you accelerate your thrusters in addition to make them feel a little more weightless.

Breath At The Top

Preferably, I do not really like breaking my thrusters ever. However, I use to take breaks in order to breathe. I pause for a second when the bar is overhead to breathe, and then I use to pull my bar down. People forget to breathe at the time of the thruster. Always try to take one breath per thruster; I use to pause for a second when the bar is overhead to breathe, then I pull my bar down. People forget to breathe at the time of the thruster, so try to take one breath per thruster; inhale at the time of pulling the bar down and exhale at the top of the press. Hence, instead of holding your breath, establish a steady rhythm for breathing and breathe at the top.

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